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Real1ze is a group of inquisitive, driven people with deep integrity and a great love of technology and innovation. Would you like to come and work with us? Each day you get a behind-the-scenes look in the laboratory, the cleanroom or the development department of the leading technology companies and their ground-breaking innovations. From gigantic ship cranes to micro technological gadgets and local IoT applications to large-scale Block-chain platforms, it never gets boring.

We are crazy about tech and take great pleasure in working for the largest technological companies in Europe.

Where the magic happens

We work from the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the European heart of innovation. On your lunch break you can cross the water onto The Strip, where you will find everything you need. Starbucks, various restaurants, cafes, a hairdresser, the gym… You name it.

The HTC is an inspiring place, right in the middle of the Brabant countryside. Over in the US, they’re trying to realize a similar campus. They call it Silicon Valley. Maybe you have heard of it?

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