Subsidies & Funding

Subsidies and schemes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a prototype or whether you’ve already marketed a product and now wish to enter another European market. Whatever stage you are at, we can help you find and apply for fitting subsidies and funding.

Did you know there are dozens of national and European schemes that you, as a technology company, could be eligible for? Particularly if you are working on innovations that could have a large impact on the economy, the climate or society. For example, products that could save human lives or generate new jobs.

National & European schemes
In the Netherlands, the Innovation Credit, MIT and OpZuid (for the south Netherlands region) are the best-known schemes. Within Europe, the Horizon Europe umbrella programme (formerly Horizon 2020) also covers various interesting subsidies.

The two best-known for SMEs are Eurostars and EIC Accelerator. Eurostars was set up for innovating companies that collaborate intensively with companies from other European countries. EIC Accelerator is a form of funding for companies that wish to bring an existing product to the European market.

Heb je een innovatie voor ogen die écht impact kan maken op sociaal-economisch en technologisch vlak? Real1ze Projects helpt hightech start-ups en gevestigde technologiebedrijven met het aanvragen en opvolgen van (inter)nationale subsidies & fiscale regelingen.

What can we do for you?

Which funding fits your innovation, of course, depends on what precisely it is that you are developing, at what stage you are at, and your ambition. We will gladly help you find promising schemes and assist you in the complete process of applying and following up. How does that work? Our complete process consists of over 20 steps, far too many to describe here in detail. Therefore, we have listed five of the most important stages below.


What are you actually developing and what is its impact? What are you looking to achieve with this innovation and as an organization? In a number of intensive sessions, we will try to clarify the scope of the project. During this process, it will become clear where you are heading as an organization. The plan will then become crystal clear as well.


Often you have submerged yourself so fully in the matter that it’s hard to bring the idea back to its core. Bringing in outside help can be beneficial: people who understand the technology, but look at it from a different perspective. At this stage, we translate your plans into a clear proposition.


Our experienced proposal writers will translate your proposition into a rock-solid application. They will write a story that is so good, it will raise the hairs on the back of your hand. Because after all, that’s what you want the assessment committee to feel too: goosebumps. Our native-speaking copywriters will write an error-free, extremely readable and inviting text.


Layout is also key. Our experienced graphic designers will transfer the application into a document that the assessor will enjoy reading.

” With only 64 projects being selected for funding out of the total 1644 applications, the H2020 SME Instrument is a highly competitive programme,. The awarded 2.4 million euro subsidy allows us to complete our product development, and accelerate our entry into the European market. We are truly enthusiastic about the support provided by Real1ze Projects during the application process, the presentation in Brussels, as well as the consecutive organization of the administration.

– Fabio Bambang OetomoCEO, Bambi Medical B.V

Reports & administration

Has your subsidy application been granted? Congratulations! Along the way you will have to prove that you actually incurred the costs for which you received funding: that you did what you set out to do. Furthermore, you will need financial and substantial reports. And, of course, an administrative process has to be set up. We will gladly assist you in all of this.

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