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Crazy about tech

When you’re working on high-risk technological developments, you could use a financial boost. Luckily, that’s what all those schemes for – but we’d much rather talk about what you’re working on: the content, the engineering, the innovations. That’s what gets us excited.

Everyone at Real1ze has a technical background. One’s a mechanical engineer, another is an expert in biomedical technology. Of course, we have specialists in such fields as material science, physics, programming and electrical engineering, in-house.

Our experts will gladly come to see you, to talk about your technology; about your goals, and the direction you’re heading in, and the bottlenecks in your work that makes it difficult and technically challenging. We like to do that in a personal meeting.

Real1ze realizes
How are we different from the average subsidy advice agency? The answer is in our name: we are more of a subsidy realization agency. We don’t stop at providing advice. In fact, that’s only the start! We will help you fine-tune your idea and write the application for you. Is your scheme or subsidy granted? Then we will support the administrative process in its entirety. Unless you want to do that yourself, of course – that’s no problem.

Do you develop innovative products or software? Real1ze would love to help you realize funding for it. We are experts at assisting high-tech companies in the application and follow-up of (inter)national schemes and innovation subsidies.

Excellentie leveren

We strive to deliver quality and excellence. Of course, to err is human, but we can promise you this: if we make a mistake, we make it only once. Real1ze is ISO 9001 certified. This means that we systematically record and analyse all our processes and take the appropriate measures for continuous improvement. In addition, we are ISO 27001 certified. This means that we have excellent data security. Your data is safe with us – you can count on it.

Meet our Real1zers

Hans Driessen

Project coordinator

+31 6 15 45 49 18

Alette Ooms-Engelen

Technical consultant

+31 6 52 89 88 80

Bart Floren

Technical consultant

+31 6 31 93 25 60

Robert de Greef

Technical consultant

+31 6 46 95 95 21

Bas Merkens

Technical consultant

+31 6 52 74 51 71

Janneke Huijbregts

Office manager

Ralf Hülsman

Technical consultant

+31 6 11 16 78 08

Bas Krekelberg


+31 6 20 90 90 06

Johan de Lepper


+31 6 52 74 51 72

Arjan van der Linden

Team manager

Bjorn La Haije

Technical assistent

+31 6 11 49 53 28

Bas van Rhenen

Research Intern

+31 40 30 41 372

Daniëlle Ruijs

Compliance Officer

 +31 6 55 00 02 88‬

Joost Simkens

Technical consultant

+31 6 11 10 46 73

Daniel Schobben

Director Real1ze Projects

+31 6 34 92 57 38

Charlotte Wilbers

HR Manager

+31 6 11 34 33 95

This is our office

We work from the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the innovative heart of Europe. Our office is sustainable, has a great ambience and is practically designed for an optimum work enjoyment.
We are always on the lookout for reinforcements to our team. Interested? Then find out more about working at Real1ze here.

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